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A vital link in the supply chain

Goods representing vast values are constantly moving across the world. Forankra contributes to this supply chain of constant lifting, shifting and reloading with cargo-securing, material handling and lifting equipment that makes the logistics of handling goods safer and more efficient.

Solutions for transportation and industry

Regardless of the distance, shipments in transport need effective lashing to secure them. As the frequency of transport steadily rises it is becoming more important to ensure that goods are intact when they reach their final destination. There is also a constantly increase of personal injuries in handling of goods, many accidents related to cargo securing.

Solutions for bodybuilders

It makes economic and environmental sense to transport goods as efficiently as possible. As the largest cargo-securing group in Europe we get involved as a partner right from the planning phase to find the right solutions for our customers. With the widest range of tracks, beams and other solutions available on the market, Forankra is well equipped to take on any bodybuilding project to optimize transportation – from large mass-produced systems, to solutions adapted for specialized vehicles with very specific needs.

Lifting equipment

Most goods that are transported have to be lifted in some way on to the carrier. At Forankra we focus on cost-effective solutions with a comprehensive range of products for different types of lifting. Our offer includes a broad, quality-assured range of products for safe lifting and handling of goods for various types of industries. The lifting range is also an important complimentary offer for the distributors.