Strategy for growth

The expansion in Europe is focused on growth both organically and through acquisitions. We are constantly looking for new companies that likes to join our group.

Organic growth

We have our own Research and Development (R&D) department in the group which continuously launches new innovative products for our main customer segments. Our main sales channels go either through resellers or direct sales to OEM’s and end users in transportation or industry,

Strategic growth through acquisitions

The acquisition strategy is based on majority ownership. We particularly look at companies that are entrepreneurially driven “family companies”, ideally with the entrepreneur still on board. Merging into our group leaves ample room for independence. In exchange for a majority stake in their business we offer a dynamic and financially solid growth platform, combined with a decentralized manage¬ment model and entrepreneurial business environment.

Our financial strength enables us to continuously examine new opportunities for growth through acquisitions. We never consider exit options when judging an acquisition candidate.

Feel free to contact us with acquisition proposals or business development ideas.