The companies in the Forankra Group have years of experience in cargo securing and lashing, which is why we dare to call ourselves experts!

 1984Forankra AB is founded 
 1987RoRo is founded 
 1990Forankra Spain is founded
Forankra ACK is founded 
 1991Forankra Pol is founded 
 2002AxInter acquires Forankra AB, RoRo, Haklift, Forankra Baltic, Forankra Lit and Forankra Pol, which becomes the new business area AxLoad 
 2004Allsafe Jungfalk acquired and Forankra Lat started 
 2007Forankra ACK, L-EX, GPI Forankra, Forankra Spain and Safe Load acquired 
 2009Forankra Lat and Lit merged with Certex division 
 2010Forankra division was formed and AxLoad split into three divisions; Forankra, Certex and Haklift 
2011Forankra AB and Safe Load merged
2012L-EX Spain is founded
Haklift integrated with the Forankra division
2014Akodis (France) and Armaton (Sweden) are acquired
Haklift division integrated into Forankra division
2016Haklift Bulgaria is founded
2017Pritchard Tyrite (UK) and TRS Motorsports (UK) are acquired