Customer references

Forankra customers throughout Europe share their experiences from working with Forankra, see some examples below:

The SNAT transport company, a customer to Forankra ACK

The SNAT transport company recently purchased Forankra's suspended lashing straps system called SECUFIX. Mr Hervé Saillot, the SNAT Operation Manager, is one of many satisfied customers of the SECUFIX system.
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Forankra Espana trains Group Calisina-Carré warehouse staff

Forankra Espana offers training sessions in cargo securing by sharing its expertise and experience in the field. Group Calisina-Carré, a Spanish company providing logistic services, is one satisfied customer of these training sessions.
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Forankra Espana makes innovative solutions for INAER

INAER is the global leading provider of aerial emergency services and aircraft maintenance. INAER is characterized by a strong commitment to ongoing investments in innovation, development and constant fleet renewal. Forankra Spain has successfully acted as partner in INAER’s innovation work.
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Forankra Spain’s roller system helps Escoperez Brothers Transport, SL to more efficient operations

Escoperez Brothers Transport, SL is a family owned transport company in the third generation. The company has recently installed three of Forankra Spain’s retractable and automatic roller systems. The owners are very pleased with the result as well as the after sales service including installation of the systems and hand-over of the equipment.
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Forankra AB improves its customer's cargo lashing operations through customized solutions

Scania is one of the world’s leading bus and trucker manufacturer. The company produces parts in Sweden and ships these to assembly plants all over the world. During shipment, the parts have to be firmly secured. When Forankra AB did get an inquiry to supply lashings to Scania Forankra AB investigated Scanias lashing needs and operations during three visits. The investigation resulted in a customized lashing solution that is securing the goods and is convient to work with (more effcicent lashing operations!).
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