Code of Ethics

The Forankra Group is part of Axel Johnson International and thereby shares the overall values and guidelines for the group. Here is information about our Code of Ethics.

Axel Johnson International’s Code of Ethics is an extension of our company’s core values – far-sighted, making things happen and good to work with – and reflects our commitment to ethical business practices and the laws of the countries where we are active.

Our Code of Ethics deals with the rights and responsibilities of all employees of our group and covers ethical issues on individual level as well as the policies guiding our business practices. It is a reminder that every action matters, every day.

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Suspected violation of the Code of Ethics?

We are serious about the adherence to our Code of Ethics. All employees, as well as business partners, are encouraged to report suspected violations of our Code of Ethics either to our management or anonymously using our whistleblower-system. There is no retaliation for raising honest concerns.