Forankra wins Axel Johnson award for innovation!



The prize was handed over by Chairman Caroline Berg and CEO Mia Brunell to Pierre-Louis Sounie (MD, Forankra France) and Richard Biaud (Mgr R&D, Forankra).


At Axel Johnson’s annual meeting in Stockholm, April 6, it was announced that Forankra’s R&D team, in hard competition with other AXAB group companies, won the Renewal Prize of the Year.

The prize was given for the Xtradeck system, a system that enables loading in two layers in a trailer and thereby doubling the number of pallets to be transported. Xtradeck is also the first system to fulfill the PIEK regulation (less noise) which permits loading after 18.00 in cities.

The system has been very well appreciated by the customers and Forankra has sold more than 10000 pcs since the launch in 2015. Xtradeck has previously won prizes at exhibitions in France and Spain.

Motivation for winning the Renewal Prize of the Year:
The renewal initiative of the year goes to a team that has created and developed a totally new product with great benefits to the customers, the company AND the environment. This user-friendly system, set for urban night deliveries while the citizens are asleep, adds efficiency and solves problems for the costumers, and is – of course – completely recyclable.