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The Forankra Group

The Swedish word "forankra" means to anchor or to secure firmly.

Forankra is the leading European supplier of cargo securing, cargo optimization and lifting equipment for road, air and sea transports. The group consists of 11 companies with 230 employees and a turnover of 70 million Euro. Forankra is mainly active in Scandinavia, Finland, Estonia, France, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria and UK, but have sales all over Europe through distributors.

Most of our standardized products are sold through our network of distributors in our various markets. Distributors are trained by Forankra and have the competence required to maintain a high level of service. Customers who need special solutions often have a long-standing partnership with Forankra and maintain a direct relationship with us.

You are welcome to contact us or any of our distributors to find out more about us and what we can do for you!

Forankra is part of Axel Johnson International.

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